Say Ta

So what do the people of the world crave for? Love? Baloney. It’s a purpose. It’s true, living creatures – like me and you – often crave for the company of another beating heart (or not, necrophiles – what?). The chimps and you share 99% of the DNA. But that 1% still sets us galaxies apart. It gives us, for instance, the capability to take a trip to mars and come up with the genius idea of Kamasutra. That one percent of DNA can create a whirlwind in a 5×5 room with purple elephants sneezing rainbows on top of the snow filled caps of Mt Vesuvius.
The thing with people is, they come and go. Like a pebble thrown into the lake, fading with ripples of shades purple, pink, violet and slowly becoming invisible. To save a fading memory one must know magic and deal with the tricks of time. But to live in dystopia and grieve over the loss, one only forgets the essence of a purpose.
To lose yourself is not to escape but to find yourself. Reaching nirvana might not be the solution but then again nor is a quart of whiskey. Connectors are made in your brain every time you make a new memory. And the brain loses the capacity to create more connectors under the influence of your icy concoction of bright desolation – alcohol, and that’s when you think you’re having a ‘black out’.
You might disagree now, but everything is a state of mind. Free falling is a state of mind. Love, loneliness and meditation too.
You don’t truly need to become lapidicolous to escape. Find your purpose, that makes you a  better person. It could begin with a simple act of clemency toward someone in need of your forgiveness.
So say Ta. If not to the omnipotent being some believe exists somewhere in a place called heaven, say it to your brain with unfathomable layers of unexplored magical imagination and let life embrace you and help you love, or love again.