Balance in a Paradoxical World.

If you know anything about astronomy, you will know how insignificant our presence really is in this universe. From the naked eye, we can see stars which are over a thousand light years away and ten thousand times brighter than the sun. Our knowledge and technological advances wont save us from the fury and rage of nature, perhaps this is why you’ll find lesser people trying to scale the Everest or camp in Borel.

Last November was my first visit to the Himalayan ranges (post pubescent period and with a better understanding of life – in general) and my heart ached to see how the entire river side of Parvati valley was infested with plastic.

I know that I just spoke about our insignificance in this world, but the tree’s, sun, water and soil is what makes Earth that much more different than Mars. They give us life, and the only key to balance, in this paradoxical world, is by conservation and gratitude. I wanted my first poem on this blog to be about my dearest mother – Earth.

Beneath Me

Beneath me, are bones
some which have decomposed
others, may be floating between
the ribs of the animals – holy and

Beneath me, a fallen star

bringing life to me

helping me think – beyond
that, which is in my reach
and those, of which there is no

Beneath me, is life
whose trunks have been axed
but their souls still cry
orchestrating a tune, you won’t hear
even if you go blind.
Felled, to help us live, evolve
but has that changed our thought?
No – I suppose,

Beneath me is a squeak.
A chirp, a howl, a cry, a smile.

Beneath me, is love.
Tender and unending.
A seed, for which we are not fending.
Polluted – we will be

Beneath me, this Earth.
Carrying the weight of a lesser
known love and a lot more

[The best part about reading and writing is gathering fresh perspective, it’s so impressive when someone turns your trash to glory. As a reader you’re entitled to your holiness but as a writer, and a very particular one, I just want to lay my perspective (ever so delicately) on the second para of the poem out here. So if you want to know what I mean, just look up ‘how are elements created’.]


2 thoughts on “Balance in a Paradoxical World.

  1. Beautifully written. Thank you for (ever so delicately) expressing your perspectives from your travels.
    Requesting you to Continue to do your bit in your own beautiful manner.
    Keep writing.
    Keep smiling.

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