I’m Petrichor

Breath me in,
I’m Petrichor.

Engulf me in-
your arms.
Let me swing,
I’m Terpsichore.
These chambers
have locked my
feelings. Please,
leave my heart
alone. Don’t confuse
me for a goner-
I’ve been there
before. I’m dying
to make this space
less human, more
humane. Humble,
a little insane.
A kind of madness
to electrify
those veins. No-
don’t put me on
a pedestal. Worse-
a conveyor belt.
I’d rather be
put in a grave.
& if so, then
bury me with those
voices, those tragedies.
Whose heroic stories
were deemed travesties.
Verses – accusatory.
Read me as
their eulogy.

Breathe me in,
I’m Petrichor.