Feminism – my opinion.

Savage, Night King, Brunch, Hybrid Tomatoes and among other such trending millennial terms, is another, which resurfaced circa 2010 – Feminist.

I’m a full believer in the fact that, only radical feminism can perpetrate the abashment of a patriarchal world and restore the holy feminine. But, I ask to all my restless feminists, do you really think equality, in all the levels, is the finality of feminism?

I could very easily say, ‘I probably leg press more than you (referring to a boy) can (like, ever) bench press. But that is like comparing the wisdom of a 100 year old sage, to a 5 year old’s virtue. Both of which, are unworthy of any comparison. So, why, or rather, what is it we compare in the two explicit sexes?

Feminism rises after the bar where either qualities of male and female cannot be compared further. Qualities – much like capabilities – such as, strength and chemical compositions of the human body. On this front, female and male can never (like, ever) compete. Again, it’s like wisdom vs. virtue.

Men probably began opening doors for women, when the doors were ten feet tall and made from thick wood. Let men and women do more of what they’re better at, don’t try to compare them on their DNA traits and capabilities which truly depend on the hormones. Know where to raise the value of feminism and break social stigma’s which don’t revolve around the basic traits.

Let men open the door, just don’t call it chivalry. Call it courtesy. 🙂